Matthew's style is a process he created. The way he paints adds layers and textures to each piece, giving it a unique and 3-D style which allows the viewer to see something new every time they look at it.




Matthew Godbey grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio where he began his training and life as an artist. While attending the University of Cincinnati he also began to get involved in local stage, television and film productions where he found he had a true love for both artistic mediums. Matthew's paintings have an obvious cinematic influence, often being created from an emotional central point leading to an extremely complex nature that allows the viewer to find something new every time they look at a piece. Shortly after graduating, Matthew moved to Los Angeles where he continued to paint and show his art while also establishing himself in the film and television industry. While working as both an actor and award winning filmmaker, he has remained active as a painter showing throughout Los Angeles at Bergamot Station, The Brewery and NoHo Art Gallery to name a few. His paintings have been used in movies and television shows and he recently painted a mural for the outdoor makeover show Urban Dirt. In past years Matthew has also shown in New York at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. He has received rave reviews on all of his shows and his style has been compared to Picasso’s. Matthew’s paintings have been collected by an eclectic group of people including celebrities, actors, directors and even a baroness!